Wyciąg spawalniczy PA-4500DA-X

Application: PA-4500DA-X welding fume extractor suitable for Air purification for laser cutting metal (stainless/aluminum etc) / Welding / Hand welding/Gas shielded/ welding/Laser welding/Plasma cutting/Polishing fumes & Dusts Filtration.

PA-4500DA-X air flow 4500m3/h, blower capacity is 4.0KW, with 2pcs PTFE cartridge filter, filtration area is 30m2, it has very good performance for welding fume filtration.

Using automatic cleaning system, installed the differential pressure monitoring device in front of filter and back the filter, when the filter pressure to reach the specified value, to connect air compressor, start the automatic anti-blowing system and doing high pressure blow back from inside of filter.


Model No: PA-4500DA-X

Application:suitable for air purification, fume filtration for different welding processing

Air Flow: 4500m3/h

Input Power: 4.0kw

Voltage / Frequency: Three phase 380v,50hz

Noise: ≤ 75dBA

Machine Dimension: 820*840*1600mm

Machine N.W: 180kg

Machine Shell: Carbon Steel

Color: White


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